Thanks to the scissor principle, the system allows to park 2 cars in reduced spaces, guaranteeing practicality and safety in use.

The movements are managed by sophisticated PLC technology.

The plant is designed in line with the architecture of existing buildings and / or gardens. In fact, the roof structure made with perfect floor-level roofing can be covered with the same tiles as existing flooring or covered with synthetic grass.

The visual appearance is immediately pleasing and the parked cars move with simplicity and independence.

Evanesco Lift with Roof  is the alternative solution to the annoying and anti-economic underground access ramps.



  • Concealed car parking system with load-bearing / non-load-bearing roof and full independence of the cars
  • Recovery of spaces in the yard, in the garden with disappearance of underground cars. Non-invasive interventions for the aesthetics of their homes.
  • Possibility of covering the roof with synthetic tiles and herbs
  • Perfect roof covering flush with the floor
  • Self-supporting structure
  • High flow rates
  • Limited encumbrance using the scissor principle
  • Elimination of access ramps
  • Efficient system for moving goods and / or cars on multiple levels
  • Guaranteed RC insurance coverage
  • CE marking
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