The system can be installed with maximum simplicity in just 2 hours without compromising the status of the rooms in which it is to be inserted. Therefore, neither building work nor structural changes are required.

The Duo stands out for its elegant design and efficient performance. Its high quality structural elements and the accurate technical design guarantee perfect stability and security to the system in all phases of use. The plant which guarantees long life requires only careful use and simple annual maintenance.

The Duo is configured as an ideal parking solution for those who have two cars and a single car garage to be rationally exploited in its spaces. In this way, placing both cars on the system two columns are safe from fines, theft and vandalism. Also in the busiest cities and the high density of cars, the Duo eliminates the tedious problem of the long search for available parking areas.





Operation Electrohydraulic
Floor Length Standard 2000 mm / on request up to 2200 mm
Total length 4100 mm with 1 ramp, 4400 mm with 2 ramps
Flow    2000 kg
Commands low voltage with man-present system and removable key. Wall-mounted push-button panel
Hydraulic security Parachute valve – maximum flow control valve – downward control valve
Mechanical security With automatic insertion with electric block
Race Standard up to 2,000 mm / on request up to 2,200 mm
Consumption 1.5 / 1.85 kw now, only when climbing up to the peak

220 V single-phase, 220/380 V three-phase

Flatbed In anti-slip almond sheet metal and against the dripping of water and oil
Total weight of the plant 1.150 Kg
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