Evanesco Scissor Lift, using the scissor principle, reaches high lifting coefficients occupying small spaces.

The system allows the elimination of expensive and anti-aesthetic access ramps to buildings, bringing goods and cars to a higher level in conditions of extreme security.

Moreover, it is equipped with sophisticated PLC technology for the perfect management of up and down movements.

The system already perfectly pre-assembled by Park Tech Srls in its mechanical structure is simply assembled with a working day. The structure is placed in an existing reinforced concrete pit / pit, electrically connected and tested on site.

The Scissor lift-elevator is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the customer based on the dimensional parameters existing on site.

Evanesco Scissor Lift is perfectly located at car dealers, warehouses, warehouses, buildings, in all areas where the elevation of goods and cars is needed in a practical, economic way and optimizing the available space.



Lifting System Single / Double scissor with 4/8 pistons
Flow Up to 3,500 kg. Superior weights on request
Race Single scissor up to 3,750mm – double scissor up to 7,000 mm
Standard Useful Floor Up to 6,000 x 3,000 mm. Different sizes on request
Movement Hydraulic
Engine Single scissor 380 / 400V – three-phase – 7.5 kw, 50hz, Double scissor 380 / 400V – three-phase – 1.1 kw, 50 hz
Commands To man present and / or held. Call buttons on the floors

Black and blue to be defined

Safety Electric-hydraulic Electric end stroke with micro switches on the floors, manual descent valve in the absence of energy, parachute valve, descent control valve, door limiting valve
Hydraulic unit Made according to the most modern oleo-dynamic principles
Electric control unit With logic module (PLC)
Hole 450mm Single scissor, 900mm Double scissor
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