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Finally, also in Tbilisi we have the possibility to double the parking space in your garage or in your parking area with an all-Italian solution, which thanks to a patent it is able to lift the car and allow the parking of the second one with only ONE column.

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Our Auto Box also delivered in the province of Tbilisi allows you to secure your car from everyday use and above, for example, our beloved vintage car that more than everyone suffers from bad weather.

  • Are you looking for a solution to your parking problems in Tbilisi?
  • Do you have more cars and you don’t know where to park them or keep them safe from vandalism and bad weather?
  • Are you tired of constantly wandering around looking for an already occupied parking space because you have two?

Finally also in Tbilisi we have the possibility to double the parking space in your garage or in your parking area with an all-Italian solution, which thanks to a patent is able to lift the car and allow the parking of the second car with a single column.

Solve the parking problem in Tbilisi

Using a car lift to double the garage capacity: all you need to know

For a long time we have been at a point where cars are getting bigger and bigger, but parking lots keep their size, especially when it comes to community garages. Although installing a car lift is an established industrial and commercial solution, it is not the best known privately.

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This system, which is installed in a parking space, allows you to double the space and to be able to park two cars instead of one, exploiting the space vertically.

It is an electro-hydraulically operated lift (in most cases) generally composed of a galvanized and corrugated platform, hydraulic cylinders and non-slip floor.

Depending on the type of lift, can support loads of up to four tons , making it suitable for passenger cars, SUVs or vans. We also make hydraulic lifts for motorcycles.

They have a control unit from which the platform ascent or descent is activated and with safety systems.

The slab used in car parks and workshops (the structure that supports, in addition to its own weight, the weight of other loads such as walls or partitions) is usually designed to support a lot of weight, but it is important to check first.

And it is that the net weight of some lifting models is around 830 kg (and to this is added the weight of the vehicle itself).

It is also necessary to have a 220V electrical outlet , as the plumbing is powered by electricity.

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Car lift for garage in Tbilisi

For example, if you live in Tbilisi center, and your garage is rather narrow , like the latest generation boxes, Parktech’s latest design solution involves the installation of a wall parking with a width of only 2 meters.

All in maximum safety, in compliance with the machinery directive and in classic Italian design.

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In short, even in the most critical situations the spaces can be doubled by relying on the products of Parcheggio Parktech with shipping, assembly and assistance even in the beautiful city of Tbilisi.


Do you live in Tbilisi and do you have specific or out-of-the-ordinary needs?

You can talk about it with parktech consultants who for years have been designing car lifting and parking systems out of production standards to satisfy the most varied requests where possible.

If you want to get a quote or a free consultation, just contact the Parktech company at the following email providing basic information from the box:

    Prova che sei umano selezionando l'icona corrispondente a Casa.

    You will immediately receive a rough estimate of the system and all useful information for installation.

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    Parktech srls provides a turnkey product with n transport and assembly service in the province of Tbilisi.

    2 post car lift in Tbilisi

    The system uses pantograph technology with minimal dimensions and allows the creation of a lift for cars with and without personnel on board.

    It is sufficient to provide an excavation of 50 cm in height to insert a self-supporting Evanesco car lift which, like a lift, carries your cars between floors in safety and ease of use.

    Just press a button or a remote control button to manage your car lift.

    And if you want to lift the cars while keeping a covering roof that closed perfectly covers the spaces of the hole with a covering similar to garden tiles or even synthetic grass?

    The most suitable solution is precisely the Evanesco with roof which is equal to a lift with a car but also guarantees top coverage and the independence of parking cars.

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    And if you have a load-bearing wall, you can also create a car lift structure with guides on the wall that can reach the highest heights (over 10m) in a balanced and safe way.

    There are different types of lifts for Tbilisi cars on the market, each of which possesses specific characteristics.

    Below we will try to understand first of all what the car lift consists of, what are the elements to be analyzed to make an optimal choice and which are the best models on the market:

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    As we have already mentioned above, the car lift is a structure that can lift a vehicle to a certain height, allowing you to carry out various operations on the car in a simpler and faster way: think for example of the replacement of one or more tires or of a mechanical intervention on the engine or on other components of the car.
    This has the great advantage of absorbing little current and rising quickly because there are no moving parts subject to mechanical friction, screws, gears, shoes etc., it does not require any periodic overhaul as it has no parts subject to wear, but only bearings already lubricated and more dimensioned.

    Putting your car in the garage means repairing it from any damage, theft, bad weather, etc. thus eliminating the possible cost of a second box for purchase or rent. The cost of the system is reduced, being we producers, sellers and installers direct to Tbilisi.

    It is possible to carry out mechanical work on the car: The platforms are built in such a way as not to take up space in height, therefore, to have a box a few cm higher than the two superimposed cars to ensure its assembly.

    They do not require any masonry work, it is fixed to the floor only to avoid its eventual displacement. The height adjustment system allows you to stack any type of car.

    Are you looking for a solution to lift your car in Tbilisi? parktech is the solution.

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